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L2 Interlude Server Pack: The Ultimate Guide for Creating Your Own L2 Server

A friend directed me to the L2 Interlude Server Pack from 6th December 2017 to 3rd January 2018, which is a set of events that you can take part in. All of the events are included in the box, they do not require purchase.- "Name Rebrand:" on 7th December, 2017 - "Name Resignation" on 10th December, 2017- "Name Rebrand:" on 14th December, 2017 - "Name Resignation" on 17th December, 2017- "Name Rebrand:" on 21st December, 2017 - "Name Resignation" on 24th December, 2017- "Name Rebrand:" on 4th January, 2018 - "Name Resignation" on 7th January, 2018

L2 Interlude Server Pack

In Rise of the Kingdom, you will be able to step into the shoes of the events as you progress through the game. However, unlike previous interludes, the prologue of the next interlude will take place before the events in the current one.

Players can now fight against the siblings of the guest pass giving away by Rehg* in the village of Langoroth. Relive the battles on the Rehg! The hourglass never runs out. Been wondering if you are going to have a new server pack to liven up the week? Well, the Rehg has brought his brother Rehg* to the fight, and we are doing the same by giving away a mysterious rare when you defeat both guests and their sibling. Defeat the sister of the guest, to win the rare!

Time of Reunion: Act 3: About Him Date November 12th - November 18th, 2021 Prize/s Clues Memory Fragments Mysterious S Costume Fragment Grand Prize/s [Portrait] Nightmare - Orpheus [Character] Nightmare [Emote] Nightmare - Salute [Standby Motion] Nightmare - Snooze [Graffiti] Unending Nightmare Time of Reunion: Act 3: About Him was a server event that started in November 12th, 2021 and ended in November 18th, 2021. By participating in this event, players could get portraits, currencies, standby motions, graffiti, costumes and the character Nightmare.


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