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Aunt Mature Pussy [UPD]

I surprised our step aunt naked in her bedroom, masturbating her, very excited she asked me to show her my cock, she wants to suck it and suck it, she wants me to put it in her hairy pussy, at the end a big cumshot on her wonderful ass

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Jack was staying with his Aunt Jill, his mother's twin sister, Jo, Jack's mum was one inch taller than Jill, but apart from that, they were identical twins. It suited Jack to stay with his aunt as her apartment was so close to the University, it was a two minutes' walk away. Aunt Jill was a lawyer and was a Partner in a significant Firm. Aunt Jill had never married and had no children. She enjoyed having Jack staying with her as she didn't socialise a lot.

The doorbell rang, and Aunt Jill checked herself in the mirror as Jack wished her a good evening. Jack then sat at his laptop going over his lectures. In under thirty minutes, Aunt Jill was back, distraught and close to tears. Aunt Jill sat on the sofa beside Jack on the couch with a glass of wine, aunt Jill asked, "What am I doing wrong? The last time I was out with this guy, we went to the cinema, I gave him a kiss, and that was it. He tells me tonight that the distance is too far, he lives a twenty-minute drive from here, that's a bull shit excuse. Jack could you top up my wine and get yourself a glass if you want, I feel completely shattered."

Jack went for the wine and came back with two glasses giving aunt Jill's back to her. Aunt Jill said, "I'm forty-five, I'm a keep fit classes twice a week, I also swim three times a week, I eat well, please tell me, Jack, am I unattractive?"

Aunt Jill answered, "Jack, you are so kind, I think you are right, I would love to have a boyfriend like you, but unfortunately I am your aunt. What did you mean when you said that you would be proud to be seen with a woman like me?"

Aunt Jill said, "I want a man to love me, I want a man between my legs with a big hard cock. I want to kiss a man all over. I want a man to lick my hungry pussy. I want his hands on my tits and cunt. I want to go on top of him and give him the ride of his life."

Jack took aunt Jill in his arms, aunt Jill leaned forward and then their mouths met, their tongues were exploring each other's mouth, the kisses were tender and affectionate. Their hands were exploring the other's bodies. Aunt Jill said, "I want this Jack, I want you to love me, it's so dirty and naughty that it is arousing me. Come to my bedroom and love me."

Jack followed aunt Jill to her bedroom, aunt Jill switched on a bedside lamp then started taking her clothes off, when she took off her bra Jack couldn't believe how big and beautiful her tits were. Aunt Jill complimented Jack on his muscular chest when he removed his polo shirt.

When Jack removed his trousers and boxer shorts, aunt Jill saw his long and thick erect cock for the first time, aunt Jill said, "Wow, that's massive, I have never seen one as big as that, I wish that I had known before that you had such a magnificent cock, has your mother ever seen it?"

Jack gave his aunt three orgasms with his tongue, lips and fingers, then aunt Jill begged him to fuck her, aunt Jill said, "Jack, please fuck me, I need your big thick cock inside my hungry pussy. Fuck me hard and deep, I want you so badly."

Jack then slid inside his aunt Jill's hungry pussy, Jack then really pounded into his aunt, the bulbous tip of his massive cock going deeper and deeper inside her hungry pussy. Aunt Jill had a body shaking orgasm, Jack continued to pound her until she had composed herself then Jack pulled out of her hungry pussy and said, "Aunt Jill, suck your cum off my cock."

Aunt Jill got on all fours then reached back angling her buttocks, Jack saw the open lips of aunt Jill's hungry pussy, he then went placed his hand on auntie's sex slit using his thumb to open her wider. He then leaned down and tongued her dirty hole.

Jack continued using his tongue on her hungry pussy and also on her dirty hole. Aunt Jill loved it, she was moaning with pleasure, aunt Jill said, "Don't stop, please keep going, I love when you lick my hungry pussy and then tongue my dirty hole."

Jack slid his cock inside her then soon had a powerful rhythm going as he pounded into her. They were both so noisy and talking dirty. Aunt Jill loved taking Jack's cock, she loved having his full length inside her. Then she had a massive orgasm, she collapsed onto the bed bring Jack down with her as aunt Jill was gripping Jack's cock at its base, she was keeping his erect cock inside her.

As her orgasm shook through his aunt, Jack moved her onto her side. Aunt Jill curled into a ball, her knees hard against her massive tits as she kept on cuming, Jack wanted to get back inside her, he needed to fuck. Jack saw the opportunity, he moved his aunt's hip and levered her leg up, he now had access to her hungry pussy. Jack positioned the tip of his cock and pushed, it slid deep inside her.

They fucked together as one, they loved each other, aunt Jill's knees were around Jack's elbows, aunt Gill said, "I'm wide open for you, I can't spread my legs any wider, my hungry pussy is here for you and your magnificent cock. Darling, you can cum inside me, I went back on the pill a month ago for the guy that wanted me as a pen pal, I want to feel you squirt your seed into my hungry pussy. "

Jack started thrusting hard, aunt Jill felt filled with his massive cock, Jack's cock was touching places inside her cunt that had never been touched before, aunt Jill said, "This is fucking wonderful, it's the best fuck of my life, so deep, fuck me hard, feed my hungry pussy."

On hearing these obscenities, Jack wanted more, he asked, "Aunt Jill, you are gorgeous, so sexy with your beautiful body, do you like me fucking you, am I feeding you gorgeous hungry pussy? Do you enjoy my big thick cock?"

Aunt Jill then kissed Jack tenderly, and with a lot of affection, the kiss lasted several minutes then aunt Jill said, "Jack, I love you too, I've never loved anyone in my life with the love that I have for you. Our lovemaking was so exciting and imaginative, darling, we will have so much fun, things will get so much better. Jack, this must be kept totally between ourselves. Jack, my pussy is still hungry, and you are the only one that can feed it."

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